1. The right of self-determination of all Peoples is not yet fulfilled.



  1. The UN Charter is outdated and needs democratic reform.


  1. Permanent members in the UN Security Council should not have veto power.


  1. Nuclear weapons need to be banned as soon as possible.


  1. The present international order increases dramatically inequalities.


  1. The UN and its Member States do not adequately protect human rights.


  1. Equal sovereignty belongs to the Peoples and not to (Head of) States.


  1. Royalty should be banned and democratic constitutions should be imposed on all States with maximum terms for Heads of state.


  1. I am in favor of a reformed democratic international order with a new United Nations of the Peoples.


  1. I am in favor of a universal wealth tax and a universal basic income as a result of a new world order.



Even if you agree with only one of the statements, do express your opinion and join the ICPS movement !




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